Terms and Conditions of Use


Please read the following terms and conditions of use (“Terms”) carefully before entering this website (the “Site”). Use of the Site is ruled by these Terms which are binding in the relationship between the User or Users and Barrocas & Associados – Sociedade de Advogados, SP, RL (hereinafter also called Barrocas Advogados or BA).

1. Object of the Terms

BA authorize Users of the Site to access it solely for non-commercial information. Nothing written on the Site may be understood as legal advice or provision of legal information, legal opinion or legal advice. The content of the Site is open to the public in general and does not create any relationship between the User and BA or any BA lawyer. The Site is not nor should it be understood as a proposal for BA to represent the User. The latter may not act on any information found on this Site.

2. Acceptance of the Terms

Use of the Site by the User is considered and understood as legal acceptance by the User of each of the Terms and under the same conditions as would exist if the User had subscribed to this Agreement. Under these circumstances, BA asks Users in general, and each User in particular, not to use the Site if they have not agreed to the Terms. Pressing the accept cookie button signifies that the User accepts all BA information and data pertaining to the cookies used.

3. Limited Permission of Use of Protected Information

BA agrees that Users may see and transfer data to their computers or mobile equivalent, and to reproduce any information placed on the Site (“information”) by BA, provided that they have agreed with the following conditions: to use the information exclusively for personal and not commercial purposes; that the User complies with and reproduces the warnings or reservations concerning intellectual property rights or any other warnings or reservations concerning copyrights in the case that the User has seen or transferred them to their computer or mobile equivalent. With regard to limited permission, BA does not grant any license or right to the Users to any information on the Site; therefore, no User is authorized to modify, transmit to third parties, reproduce, distribute, publish, transfer, sell or use under any circumstance what has been found on, or through, the Site.
All references on the Site to any trademark, copyright, patent, trade secret, logotype or all other industrial or intellectual property rights are owned by BA. Unfulfillment of which is herein provided for in relation to the information and use of the object of intellectual property shown or in any other way made available on the Site is a breach of these Terms and implies loose of the permission granted.
Images of people and locations shown on the Site are owned by BA or are used with permission. Therefore, Users are not authorized to use them unless expressly permitted through these Terms or with specific permission granted by BA.
The Site may also mention intellectual property whose rights are owned by third parties. This is why the present Terms do not grant license or permission to use of information contained on the Site.

4. Accuracy. Limitation of Liability and Exclusion of Guarantees

BA will use reasonable and adequate diligence to ensure that all information on the Site is updated. However, using and reading the Site’s contents is at the User’s risk and available in the manner the Site is presented. BA does not provide any guarantee, express or implied, as to the usage of the Site. BA does not recognize the existence of any provision in favour of Users as guarantee, express or implied, as to the accuracy or quality of the contents. Consequently, no permission is granted to Users as to the adequacy of the information for any specific purpose looking for, or bearing in mind, by the Users. In addition, BA declines any liability with regard to any mistakes and/or omissions contained on the Site.
BA expressly excludes liability of any kind resulting from a virus which may infect and damage the User’s computer or equivalent mobile or any other of the User’s assets whenever the Users accede or navigate on the Site or whenever they transfer to their computer or equivalent mobile any information contained on the Site.
BA also does not accept any liability concerning indirect, eventual or extraordinary damages, both of a contractual or tort nature and as a consequence of any act or omission within the scope of this Agreement even though BA had been advised or informed that those damages might occur.

5. Links to Third-Party Sites

Links to other websites or informative sources mentioned on the Site are not under control of BA. The latter makes those links and/or informative sources available to the Users on a free basis that does not imply the creation of any right in favor of the Users.
BA does not offer any guarantees to Users about websites owned by third parties, including the products made available such as software, materials, services, contents, as well as the accuracy or adequacy of the contents of websites indicated by links . Users decision to access those websites is entirely at their own risk. The Users shall, in any case, be warned that other websites connected to the BA Site may be organized and ruled in a different manner to BA’s Site, in particular in what concerns use and collection of personal information. Consequently, Users are not granted permission to modify, create or establish any link existing on a website to connect or interconnect with the Site without BA’s written permission.

6. Final Remarks

BA is entitled to add new terms and conditions to the Site in the Terms at any moment and without pre-notice. Users should periodically consult the Term’s updates, because using the Site after any amendments or updates have been made is considered as their having accepted the new amendments or updates.

7. Contacts with BA

If you have any doubts or need further clarification or information as to how personal data is processed and treated, please contact us by email: [email protected] or by letter addressed to the Executive Director of Barrocas & Associados – Sociedade de Advogados, SP, RL, Empreendimento das Amoreiras, Torre 2, 15th. floor, 1070-102 Lisbon, Portugal